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ym, 1 Belize North - Consolacion - ABLC Realty Cebu
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Belize North – Consolacion

Php 3,649,047 29.9k/mo
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Belize North House and Lot

Belize North located in Nangka, Consolacion, Cebu City

belize north consolacion house and lot


belize north consolacion alexa

    Floor Area: 78 sqm
    Total Lot Area: 50 sqm
    Total Contract Price: Php 3,649,047
    Reservation fee: Php 20,000
  • Payment scheme:
    20% spread over 24 months: Php 29,950.39 per month
    80% Pag-ibig or Bank Financing

belize north consolacion alexa-mid-plan

  • Alexa – TOWNHOUSE (END)
    Floor Area: 93 sqm
    Total Lot Area: 75 sqm
    Total Contract Price: Php 4,755,345
    Reservation fee: Php 20,000
  • Payment scheme:
    20% spread over 24 months: Php 38,794.54 per month
    80% Pag-ibig or Bank Financing

belize north consolacion alexa-plan-left


belize north consolacion-bella1-cover

    Floor Area: 138 sqm
    Total Lot Area: 103 sqm
    En-suite Master Bedroom w/ Balcony
    3 Bedrooms
    Living Area, Dining Area, Kitchen
    2 Common T&Bs
    Maid’s Room
    Service Area
    2-car Carport
  • Total Contract Price: Php 6,871,306
    Reservation: Php 30,000
  • Payment scheme:
    20% spread over 24 months: Php 56,010.88 per month
    80% Pag-ibig or Bank Financing

belize north consolacion bella-sa1-plan

    Floor Area: 138 sqm
    Total Lot Area: 100 sqm
    En-suite Master Bedroom w/ Balcony
    2 Bedrooms
    Living Area, Dining Area, Kitchen
    2 Common T&Bs
    Service Area
    2-car Carport
  • Total Contract Price: Php 6,809,103
    Reservation: Php 30,000
  • Payment scheme:
    20% spread over 24 months: Php 55,492.53 per month
    80% Pag-ibig or Bank Financing

belize north consolacion bella-sa2-plan


    Floor Area: 157 sqm
    Total Lot Area: 130 sqm
    En-suite Master Bedroom w/ Balcony
    3 Bedrooms (1 w/ Balcony)
    Living Area, Dining Area, Kitchen
    2 Common T&Bs
    Guest Room
    Service Area
    2-car Carport
  • Total Contract Price: Php 8,087,056
    Reservation: Php 50,000
  • Payment scheme:
    20% spread over 24 months: Php 65,308.80 per month
    80% Pag-ibig or Bank Financing

belize north consolacion celeste-plans


belize north consolacion update


  • Gated Community
  • Clubhouse
  • Playground
  • Basketball – Half-court

priland belize north playground

priland belize north entrance

priland belize north clubhouse

priland belize north basketball

For inquiries about the project, please don’t hesitate to call or message us. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Betty: 0995 122 4394 (Globe) or (032) 260-7965 (PLDT)


Address: Nangka
Country: Philippines
Property Id: 18882
Price: Php 3,649,047 29.9k/mo
Property Size: 70 m2
Property Lot Size: 50 m2
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Gated Community
Basketball Court
Kid's Playground

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    Mobile No:
    Globe +63 995 122 4394

    Landline No:
    PLDT +63 032 260 7965