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ru, 1 Eastland Estate 2 - Liloan - ABLC Realty Cebu
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Eastland Estate 2 – Liloan

Php 4,917,360
Yati, ,
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Eastland Estate 2 Subdivision

Eastland Estate 2 is an exclusive subdivision in Yati, Liloan.

Eastland Estate 2 Liloan is a confirmation that one can actually live with nature, without having to leave away from the city. The residents of this Residential Subdivision will be treated to lush tropical landscaping and spectacular amenities for families and individual recreation within the vicinity.

eastland estate entrance

vicinity map eastland


  • LEXIE  – 2-storey Duplex
    Lot Area: 77 sqm
    Floor Area: 62 sqm
    Total Contract Price: Php 5,400,000
    Reservation fee: Php 30,000
    20% Equity in 12 months: Php 42,500
    80% In-house Financing, 5 years: Php 119,267.18
    Pag-Ibig Financing, 30 years: Php 40,314.51
    Bank Financing, 20 years: Php 44,824.95


Margarette – Single attached
Lot area: 73 sqm
Floor area: 83 sqm

Total Contract Price: Php 5,088,720
Reservation fee: Php 30,000
5% discount – 100% payment w/in 30 days
4% discount – 50% Spot cash, 50% Equity over 12 mos
3% discount – 20-30% Spot cash, Equity over 12 mos
20-30% Equity / 12 months
-80% balance (in-house financing)
-80% balance (bank financing)
-70% balance (HDMF)

eastland Margarette single attached

eastland margarette


  • Meche – Single attached
    Lot area: 73 sqm
    Floor area: 63 sqm
    Total Contract Price: Php 4,917,360
    Reservation fee: Php 30,000

eastland meche single attached

  • Lexie – Duplex
    Lot area: 73-78 sqm
    Floor area: 63 sqm
    Total Contract Price: Php 4.73-4.9M
    Reservation fee: Php 30,000

eastland lexie D(1)

  • Lexie – Single Detached
    Lot area: 146-148 sqm
    Floor area: 126 sqm
    Total Contract Price: Php 9.3-9.4M
    Reservation fee: Php 30,000

eastland Lexie SD

eastland floor-plan-lexie-single-detached



eastland amenities-1

eastland amenities-2jpg

For inquiries about the project, please don’t hesitate to call or message us. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Betty: 0995 122 4394 (Globe) or (032) 260-7965 (PLDT)

Address: Yati
Country: Philippines
Property Id: 18738
Price: Php 4,917,360
Property Size: 63 m2
Property Lot Size: 73 m2
Gated Community
Landscaped Gardens
Swimming Pool
Basketball Court
Kid's Playground

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    Mobile No:
    Globe +63 995 122 4394

    Landline No:
    PLDT +63 032 260 7965