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oe, 1 Mimosa Subdivision - Minglanilla - ABLC Realty Cebu
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Mimosa Subdivision – Minglanilla

Php 3,180,800 24.8k/mo
Pakigne, ,
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Mimosa Subdivision – Minganilla

Mimosa Subdivision is located in Brgy. Pakigne, Minglanilla, Cebu

Mimosa Minglanilla is an intimate gated neighborhood composed of 2-storey townhouse units ensconced within a perimeter fence and 24-hr security. Located along MH Selma Street Lower Calajoan, Mimosa Subdivision Minglanilla is accessible to the Cebu South Road and to nearby church, town plaza and municipal hall plus schools and commercial establishments.

  • Project Land Area (Phase 1): 0.4 hectares
  • 45 Units (2-Storey Townhouse)
  • Lot Area: 54 sqm min.
  • Floor Area: 62 sqm

mimosa minglanilla house and lot


  • With Ceiling
  • Toilet and Bath with Fixtures
  • No Partition
  • No Floor Tiles

mimosa minglanilla floor plan

  • Price range: Php 3.16 – 3.64M
    Reservation fee: Php 25,000
  • Sample Computation:
    Price: Php 3,180,000
    Equity @ 8 mos: Php 36,635 per month
    Est. Monthly Bank Amortization: Php 24,843.35 per month


  • Gate and Guardhouse
  • Perimeter Fence
  • 10 m wide Main Road
  • 8 m wide Secondary Roads

AMENITIES at Mimosa Subdivision Minglanilla:

  • Clubhouse and Multi-Purpose Area (Phase 2)
  • Swimming Pool (Phase 2)
  • Basketball Court (Phase 2)

mimosa minglanilla clubhouse

mimosa minglanilla entrance

mimosa minglanilla pool

mimosa minglanilla site

For inquiries about the project, please don’t hesitate to call or message us. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Betty: 0995 122 4394 (Globe) or (032) 260-7965 (Landline)


Address: Pakigne
Country: Philippines
Property Id: 18625
Price: Php 3,180,800 24.8k/mo
Property Size: 62 m2
Property Lot Size: 54 m2
Gated Community
Swimming Pool
Basketball Court

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  • Contact Us

    Mobile No:
    Globe +63 995 122 4394

    Landline No:
    PLDT +63 032 260 7965