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sz, 1 Saekyung 956 Condominium - Looc - ABLC Realty Cebu
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Saekyung 956 Condominium – Looc

Php 1,650,000 9.9k/mo
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Saekyung 956 Condominium

Saekyung 956 Condominium is located in Looc, Lapu-lapu City

“A beginning of new life awaits”.

Be part of the community where life can be a vacation, filled with peace and adventures found right at your doorsteps.

Saekyung 956 Condominium offers:


saekyung 956 looc condo

Studio type units with balcony
27 sqm (center to center)
24 sqm (wall to wall)

Total Contract Price: Php 1,650,000 – 1,700,000
Reservation fee: Php 20,000
Equity: Php 50,000 payable in 4 months
Monthly Amortization: as low as Php 9,904 (Pag-Ibig)

saekyung 956 looc studio

saekyung 956 looc studio plan

Modes of Payment:

  • Spot Cash: 70,000 Discount
  • Deferred cash: 12 months (ZERO interest)
  • Pag-Ibig up to 30 years
  • Installment up to 2 years (10% interest)


  • FREE Transfer taxes
  • FREE water  connection
  • Individually metered water and electricity
  • Common open parking lot


  • Finished painted interior wall
  • Complete electrical switches and convenient outlet
  • Tiled floors, tiled toilet and bath with fixtures
  • Kitchen cabinets with granite counter-top, smooth wall finish
  • Split type air-condition

CONDO DUES: Php 1,000 per month


  • 2 Passenger Elevators
  • 3 Fire Exit Staircases
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Fire protection and automatic sprinkler system
  • Provision of telephone and cable outlet
  • Back-up power supply
  • Fire alarm
  • Cistern tank

Amenities at Saekyung 956 Condominium Looc:

  • Swimming pool
  • Picnic/BBQ area
  • Playground
  • Basketball court


  • 24 hr convenience store
  • Fitness gym

saekyung 956 looc view

saekyung 956 looc playground

saekyung 956 looc pool

saekyung 956 looc bbq

saekyung 956 looc garden

saekyung 956 looc court

saekyung 956 looc bbq area

saekyung 956 looc site

For inquiries about the project, please don’t hesitate to call or message us. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Betty: 0995 122 4394 (Globe) or (032) 260-7965 (PLDT)

Address: Looc
Country: Philippines
Property Id: 18762
Price: Php 1,650,000 9.9k/mo
Property Size: 27 m2
Fitness center
Gated Community
Swimming Pool
Basketball Court
Kid's Playground
BBQ Park

Jun Anthony Golez


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  • Contact Us

    Mobile No:
    Globe +63 995 122 4394

    Landline No:
    PLDT +63 032 260 7965